Thursday, April 12, 2012

A question of friendship

I wonder how many other women have gone through the same thing as me.  You have these friends, and you're close, tell each other everything, there's nothing you won't do together.  Then BAM one of you has a baby and suddenly the other(s) forget you exist.

I couldn't imagine forgetting my friends.  It even went so far as having a birthday forgotten.  I realize I'm probably not all that fun anymore, often I am in sweats, hair a mess with a random crumb from the mornings poptart clinging to the strands of it, but damn I'm the same person I was before, there's just a little person that needs my attention too. Not to mention the rest of my family.

I don't know.  I suppose upon reflecting I probably need more friends with little kids like I have and should stop clinging to the ones I went clubbing or to the bar with.

Especially since staying up past 10 pm is adventurous these days.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wine tasting

Before we get to the wine part, I should say that if you know me well, you know how HUGE a Dave Matthews fan I am.  I love their music, and I love the lyrics.  In my own opinion, Dave is a poet and his songs are great.

Anyway, I'd read on facebook that he was collaborating with Steve Reeder to create a wine and they were going to call it Dreaming Tree.  Well, I couldn't wait for it to come out.  A few weeks ago on a trip to Hops and Grapes they had a end cap display of it.  I bought the Cabernet Sauvignon and finally tonight I opened it.

My first sip was rather nice, it's a smooth wine with a small hint of sweet at the end.  Absolutely no bitterness, and Dave Matthews aside, I can tell this is going to be one of my favorites.

Love the picture they chose, awesome drawing of the Dreaming Tree.

I know it's a little fuzzy but the lyrics from the Dreaming Tree song are written on the cork. How freakin awesome is that?!