Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 Months

Mikaela is 3 months old now and boy has she changed in the last few weeks!  Still a really good baby (HAHA to those of you who thought I couldn't possibly get this lucky a second time!), she now sleeps all night through, often having to be woken by Bob or I to get her changed and dressed for the day during the week.  She goes to bed around 8-9 pm and if we don't have to go anywhere in the morning she'll sometimes sleep until 8 am.  The first time she slept all night without waking up I woke up in the middle of the night to make sure she was still breathing!

She scooches all over her cradle now, I'm a little nervous about moving her to the crib because she moves herself into the corner.  Although she does move her face if she can't breath and since she's such a healthy baby I know there's not much to worry about, I just can't help it.

She smiles all the time, especially at her Daddy early in the morning.  Even if we've woken her up from a sound sleep as soon as you talk to her she starts smiling her big toothless grin.  As soon as she spots her big sister, Aislynn, she smiles too.  She just loves watching Aislynn and just stares at her smiling all the time.  It's really cute.

She had her first trip to the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk on Tuesday.  Being off for spring break, Bob also had a day off with us so we took her on that trip to meet up with her godmother, Amanda.  It was really nice and we got to use our awesome stroller!  Isn't it funny the things that we get excited over once you have kids?

Later that night, Bob was playing with her on the couch and got her to laugh out loud for the first time on video.  As soon as I can get one saved on my laptop I'll post it.  Nothing quite as enjoyable as a baby's laugh.

The time is flying by but we are enjoying every minute of it.

Going back to school

A few weeks ago after I went back to work to find out that I had no position as a teacher's aide in the school I've worked in for three years, which lead to my unwilling and unsolicited transfer, I started thinking that perhaps it was time to get off my ass and do something about it.  I thought about getting a different job, something closer to home; had visions of being one of the unlucky ones to get laid off. (shh don't tell my husband that) Then one of the women I work with mentioned how she's finishing her psychology degree.  She had her entire college experience paid for either through grants, scholarships and/or tuition reimbursement through school.  It suddenly struck me what an idiot I was being.  I already have some credits at my local college, so why not try to go back?  So after talking to my husband about the benefits of it, I sent my application.  I'm starting back to college this summer (Gloucester County College).  The best part about it is that I can do it from home, most if not all of it.  I'm so excited and so anxious to get going.  I know this is the best thing for me and our family.  Fifteen more years in the pension system gives me paid benefits for Bob and I for the rest of our lives and on a teachers salary rather than an aides salary that's a HUGE difference.  I'd like to retire a college professor truthfully.  Maybe I'll teach poetry?  I don't know, but it is going to be fun!

I'd like to add that if my husband wasn't as supportive as he is, I sure wouldn't be able to do it, well at least not with the ease I know I will be able to.  Thank you honey!