Monday, June 27, 2011

8th Grade Graduation

On June 13th, Aislynn graduated from 8th grade.

Ok now that I've caught my breath again, yes 8th grade.  This means (GASP!) we are the parents of a high school age kid.  Now I've worked with high school kids for about 8 years now, and I am so proud to say my kid is NOTHING like the kids I've worked with.  Aislynn is such a good kid.  She's a homebody, her friends love to come over and she is well liked at school.

Yes, I'm sure she's Bob and I's daughter.

Anyway,  she decided to dye her hair recently.  Red.  Fire engine red.

Pink streak in the front and some orange high lights through it.  It's freakin awesome!  She looks so grown up.  *sniffle* Such a beautiful girl. 

A few parents said to me "OMG did you know she was doing that?!" I said "I made the appointment!"

Take it from me, if this is the worst thing this kid does, or get a tattoo (which I'll take her when she's 18) I'll consider myself very lucky.  

So proud of you, Aislynn!

Five months

Dear Mikaela,

It's so hard to believe you are 5 months old already!  It seems like just yesterday we just brought you home from the hospital.  Time sure flies.  You're developing your own little personality every day.  You're so happy all the time, your smile lights up your entire face and makes anyone who sees it feel happy.  You're definitely Mommy's little girl, just like Aislynn when she was little.  Daddy and I went out at night for the first time alone since you were born and Aunt Brianna babysat for us.  You're not too happy when someone besides Mommy tries to put you to bed, a right little terror from what I understand.  haha

You haven't gotten any teeth yet, but the way you chew on your hand (ultimately choking yourself), I think you will have one popping through before long.  You've had your first real giggle fits too watching Remy run around the room, it's pretty funny to watch and hear.  You squeal with laughter whenever he comes in your line of vision while you're playing on the floor.  It's so much fun watching you change every day and learn something new.

We love you so much, funny little thing!

Happy 5 months!!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Aunt Brianna Visits

My sister, Brianna, is here for two and a half weeks while I finish up the school year.  She's just graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and one of the perks of having a sister that's an artist is that she always has a camera ready.  She took a bunch of pictures of Mikaela today and they're alternately cute and funny.

Philadelphia Zoo May 2011

Oh Memorial Day weekend Bob decided we needed to go do something as a family.  So, on one of the hottest days yet of the year we went up to the Philadelphia Zoo.  Mikaela is still a bit too young to really enjoy all the animals but she was pretty happy to be driven around in her stroller.  They do have a family pack you can buy, well a few different choices which is totally worth it when the kids are young but old enough to enjoy the different shows and such.

Aislynn had a good time too, she took a lot of great pictures with her camera.  I'm totally jealous of her camera, it's awesome and takes really great close up pictures.  I foresee lots of time spent at the zoo in the future!