Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Year Old Today

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by already.  All day today when I looked at the clock I remembered what was going on this same date last year, down to the 8:10 pm time of delivery.  Mikaela is so big, and so smart, and growing so fast, too fast truth be told.  She started walking at just 10 months, and surprised everyone at a family get together yesterday when they saw she was already speeding around.
She talks ALL THE TIME, nothing makes sense yet, but we pretend it does.  She points at everything now and Daddy walks around the house with her showing things to her and teaching her what things are, and who people are in photographs. I was able to stay home with her today and took a lot of pictures to show off our boring but fun day at home.

Just dropped Aislynn off at school


Quick trip to Rite Aid

Mommy and Mikaela hamming on the couch

First birthday gifts from Aunt Fran

$30 worth of lego blocks and she likes the $1.50 ball.. haha!

Sister moments <3

Our two beautiful girls :)

Wooohooo cupcake time!

Operation Cupcake a success! (or should I say mess?)

Well, our poor peanut has a cold but she still smiled all day long and laughed.  Let's just hope she is feeling better and enjoys the two (yes two, I said it, two ... ugh) parties that are going on this weekend all for her!


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