Thursday, February 24, 2011

How fair is this?

United States is the worst when it comes to family values in the work place

I saw this report on the news today and then went to to read the story.  Something is backwards in this country.  Why do we live in a country that doesn't support family values, yet that's all you hear about when presidents are standing at a podium trying to get our vote? In Sweden, they are paid 16 months of leave, with two of those months specifically set aside for fathers to take leave.  Shouldn't we too care that much about our employees to allow the same thing?  While I understand it might put certain companies under hardship and perhaps each individual case should be considered, for most women we work for years at a company, only to find out we only get 10 weeks of disability and/or 12 weeks of Family Leave ( this is the case in NJ ). Oh and if you work for a company that has less than 50 employees then you don't even qualify for NJFMLA.

Here's what I find ironic:  If I had been laid off from my job, I could stay home for two years collecting unemployment.  File once, get approved, start collecting, when it runs out I can file for an extension which will be approved and I could stay home another year, take care of my kids and not have to send my newborn to daycare of any kind, thus saving my family money, until she's 2 years old.  However, because I work full time I only get approved for 12 weeks of FMLA, have to return to work when my infant is less than three months old, taking her to daycare where she's exposed to germs she would not have been exposed to if she were home with me.  This means unplanned trips to doctors, and prescriptions for antibiotics and/or medicine of some kind, and a cost to healthcare.  Explain to me how someone who lazily chooses to keep collecting unemployment gets to stay home for two years and I have to return to work 12 weeks after having a new baby with no option for extension that is paid?

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