Thursday, April 28, 2011

Going back to school

A few weeks ago after I went back to work to find out that I had no position as a teacher's aide in the school I've worked in for three years, which lead to my unwilling and unsolicited transfer, I started thinking that perhaps it was time to get off my ass and do something about it.  I thought about getting a different job, something closer to home; had visions of being one of the unlucky ones to get laid off. (shh don't tell my husband that) Then one of the women I work with mentioned how she's finishing her psychology degree.  She had her entire college experience paid for either through grants, scholarships and/or tuition reimbursement through school.  It suddenly struck me what an idiot I was being.  I already have some credits at my local college, so why not try to go back?  So after talking to my husband about the benefits of it, I sent my application.  I'm starting back to college this summer (Gloucester County College).  The best part about it is that I can do it from home, most if not all of it.  I'm so excited and so anxious to get going.  I know this is the best thing for me and our family.  Fifteen more years in the pension system gives me paid benefits for Bob and I for the rest of our lives and on a teachers salary rather than an aides salary that's a HUGE difference.  I'd like to retire a college professor truthfully.  Maybe I'll teach poetry?  I don't know, but it is going to be fun!

I'd like to add that if my husband wasn't as supportive as he is, I sure wouldn't be able to do it, well at least not with the ease I know I will be able to.  Thank you honey!

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