Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 Months

Mikaela is 4 months old now and growing so fast.  She giggles now when Daddy makes a funny noise, and when she gets tickled.  She had her first tub bath tonight (I had been giving her a sponge bath until now) and she loved it as much as I thought she would.  I can't wait until she's sitting up and playing with her toys.  It's so much fun watching her discover new things and make the funny faces.  I think her favorite time of the day is the morning when Daddy gets her up and dresses her.  They have a nice morning "talk" and share some laughs before each of us goes our separate ways.  She's so happy all the time and she sleeps through the night as well.  Usually she goes to bed anywhere from 7:30-8:30 and often doesn't wake up until around 4 am for a bottle, sometimes I have to wake her up before I get in the shower so she can eat before I have to get moving.  At this point I'd really like to laugh in the face of the people who were adamant that there was no way I'd have another baby as good as Aislynn was.  I think that our kids are products of their parents.  ;)

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