Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pursuing your dreams ...

Well I did it.  I know I talked about it at the end of summer, but I'm now a full time college student, full time working Mom and Wife too.  Fun stuff!

After two ridiculous experiences trying to attend two different local county colleges, I finally settled on University of Phoenix.  It's awesome!  I get to finish my Bachelors in four years time and I'll be able to teach!  WOOHOO!!  Seems funny saying that, especially since I've been a teacher's aide for ten years and have pretty much been teaching anyway.

I've been a parent for 14 years now and isn't that a form of teaching too?  Being a parent is the most important teaching position anyone can hold, in my opinion.  You're teaching a person from the very beginning how to be a good person. It may seem that they have their own ideas about things and sometimes it's really hard, but eventually they learn something new and it's the most amazing feeling! Imagine, being responsible for the values and morals of another human being, wow ... when you really think about it, it's kind of mind blowing!

Anyway,  University of Phoenix is awesome.  They call you back (imagine that!), whether it's your enrollment advisor, academic advisor, or financial aid advisor.  EVERYONE CALLS YOU BACK! Imagine such a thing!  All my classes are online, I can work on things while I'm on break at work or from home at my own pace so long as everything is submitted on time.  The support of the online community at UoP is great too.  Mostly everyone is like me, adults returning to college after a long hiatus.  We all mostly work full time, have spouses and children to take care of before we can even think about class, but being able to "attend" class online means we don't have to worry about making sure someone else is taking up the slack.  I couldn't imagine doing this out of the house at night, no way could I stand being away from my family for a few hours a couple nights a week for four years!

As it goes, I have a class every five weeks.  Just one class at a time, more concentrated, than if I was taking four classes over a four month period with a two week break and the summers off.  I'll go year round for four years to complete my bachelors degree.  You're allowed up to 14 days off between classes although they don't recommend taking more than that, if there's a special circumstance you can request more time.  I can go on and do my Masters program through UoP too, and if I choose to go for my doctorate I can do it through there as well.  I will probably do up to the Masters through UoP, and if I do want my doctorate I'll go to Rowan or another college close by.  By then Mikaela will be 6 and a little more independent with things.

The only thing I wish was different is that UoP offered History as a major, right now I'm an English major, but I can always take some classes online through Gloucester County in History.  I think i'd really like to teach history and pursue my doctorate in something history related.

Anyway, if anyone who reads this wants more information about University of Phoenix, I can put you in touch with my enrollment advisor, he's great and so helpful!

The end result of all this schooling is so many things beneficial, better pay, more say in my work place position, brighter future for my husband and I to be able to enjoy our later years and actually retire with the ability to do what we want, and most important to me, it shows my daughters that it's never too late to pursue your dreams!

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