Thursday, March 22, 2012

What am I doing?!

The last few weeks I've gotten increasingly disgusted with myself.  I can't stand how my clothes fit, how I look in them, (you know the rolls that show in the back of your shirtewww) how I look naked, how I feel naked, I'm just so damn uncomfortable!


Ok .. that's out of the way.

I posted on Twitter last Saturday that I was seriously considering starting the P90X 90 day workout program. I've seen this infomercial a million times on television, I know a few people who have had HUGE successes with it, and a few who just use it to maintain a healthy weight and exercise routine. Anyway, my friend Steve messaged me that he had it if I want to borrow it.  Immediately I jumped on it and said YES!!  He dropped it off the next day.

Then I wondered

Wait ... why isn't he still doing it?

Answer: Broken leg, doc says not for a few more months.

Ok, relief set in. 

Yesterday, March 21, 2012 was Day 1.  Arms and Back .. a 52 minute work out from warm up to cool down.  Such a long period of time I thought, but it flew by! Before I knew it I was at the end cool down and it was time to shower!  Other than my arms feeling rather warm and jello like, I didn't notice much in the way of muscle soreness ....

Then I got out of bed today.  OMG!! However, I'm happy about the soreness, yes you read that right, h.a.p.p.y, HAPPY! Just shows me what muscles I worked out and that I did those damn things right!

Today is Day 2, I haven't done my workout yet today be cause Mikaela decided to be up and restless until midnight and I was exhausted this morning.  Since I know how important sleep is, especially given the fact that I have an hour drive to work, I did go back to sleep this morning until 6 when Bob came out of the shower.  I plan on doing it today after I get home and hug my girls first.  It's supposed to be Plyometrics ...

uhmm I have no fucking idea what that is, but I guess I'll find out!

My goal at the end is to get back to a nice slim, healthy 135.  Get my heart healthy and maybe, just maybe, not have to take blood pressure pills anymore!

By next January, I want to be that size.  And if Bob and I decide to try and have another baby to see if we can make a little boy, I'll be in good shape to exercise while pregnant and lose the baby weight afterwards a little easier!

Here goes nothin!

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